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Smart Prepayment Meter

DTZY178C-Z three-phase prepaid card meter is designed and manufactured by WISDOM using advanced large-scale integrated circuits, mature software algorithms, low-power design and SMT technology, and in accordance with the requirements of relevant international standards. This product integrates functions such as measurement, display, communication, monitoring, and cost control, and can accurately measure active energy, four-quadrant reactive energy, and apparent energy. It can realize functions such as remote and local meter reading, programming, and cost control. This product can be widely used in the comprehensive measurement and management of electric energy for substations, stations, power plants, and various enterprises and institutions.

Key features

Encrypted card recharge.

Multi-rate Net-metering and maximum demand calculation.      

Switch between prepaid and postpaid.

Plug and play modular design(PLC/RF/GPRS/3G/LTE).  

Rich auto display, push-button display, high resolution display items.

High precision RTC clock and calendar.

Powerful anti-tampering function.

High-capacity storage for curve data, event recording, etc.. 

AMI interconnection design, remote firmware upgrade.

Multi-mode load control logic.

Battery replaceable design.

Provide IEC standard certification.