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Rail type three phase meter DTS1079-D

DTS1079-D three-phase electronic smart meter (rail-mounted type) is a new generation of micro-meter developed by our company based on many years of experience in meter design. It can accurately measure electrical parameter values such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor, power, and energy; the harmonic type also has a harmonic measurement function. The smart meter has the advantages of small size, high precision, good reliability, convenient installation, etc. It is very suitable for buildings, shopping malls, convention and exhibition centers, schools, airports, ports, factories and other power-consuming places.

Key features

Three-phase single direction / dual direction measurement.

Multi-rate electric energy and maximum demand calculation.

Rich auto display, push-button display, high resolution display items.

High precision RTC clock and calendar.

High-capacity storage for curve data, event recording, etc.. 

Three-phase three and three-phase four adaptation.

Support multi-protocol communication.

Automatic meter reading.

Support auxiliary power.

Remote firmware upgrade.